Theology Cards

We’ll be posting an entire series of theology cards oriented toward Early Church History. The first, a sample card for St. Anthony of the Desert, is ready now; more will appear as soon as we can prepare them.

We’ll post Theology Cards in three formats: a single-card PDF, with verso and recto side-by side (suitable for saving to your computer for amusement, or printing onto a 5 ×8 index card); a six-up, two-page layout, suitable for printing in mass quantities; and a humble JPEG.

Here’s some colophon information. The drawings come to us from Stephen Lahey; for the present 0.9 release, they remain in his back-and-white format, but we’ll colorize them for 1.0 release. The titling face for Greek Fathers (and Mothers) and for topics of pertinence to the Eastern church will be Corrodet Caps, a freeware typeface executed by Manfred Klein. For Latin saints, we’ll use CapitalisTypOasis, another Klein typeface. [Whoops! Capitalis doesn’t have Arabic numerals, so I’m borrowing them from Jay Vidheecharoen’s Memento Mori.] The text face on the recto is Gill Sans, at least for now (the Disseminary hasn’t bought a sans-serif face of its own at this point). The Theology Cards will be covered by the Disseminary’s Creative Commons license: attribution, non-commerical, no-derivs.

So herewith are the Theology Cards, in the order in which we prepare them:

  1. St. Anthony of the Desert, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

  2. Perpetua and Felicitas, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

  3. Irenaeus, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

  4. Tertullian, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

  5. Athanasius, Single PDFSix-Up PDFJPEG

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