External Links

Here are some sites whose contents may be of interest to friends of the Disseminary:

First of all, the Wabash Center’s own guide to resources for teaching and learning about theology and religion online.

We deeply appreciate the libraries of books and articles at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library and at religion-online.

The Early Christian On-Line Encyclopedia provides a treasury of articles, definitions, timelines, and art.

The online journal Killing the Buddha covers the religion beat with a distinctive, irreverent, but persistently interested and interesting voice.

Mark Goodacre’s New Testament Gateway provides the premier selection of NT-related links (and he keeps a blog, too).

The Early Christian Writings site boasts that it includes &ldqu;;all of Early Christianity,” and it’s very nearly right.

The Noncanonical Homepage covers much of the same terrain; the two sites back one another up nicely.

Project Canterbury includes a rich library of texts pertinent to the history of Anglo-Catholic theology.

TheOoze is subtitled “Conversation for the Journey,” and I can’t think of a better way to describe their site. Articles, reviews, and conversation about being church in these and coming times.

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