May 29, 2003


We’ve had a longer-than-anticipated wait to square away the intellectual-property dimension of the project, and I haven’t gone over Dorothea’s corrections to my mark-up of our sample text. Trevor’s got the usual end-of-academic-year load of business to cope with. But things are still simmering, and we want to turn up the heat to somewhere closer to boiling soon. Thanks for your patience.

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May 13, 2003

Promotional Opportunity

While we’re killing time, waiting for me and Trevor to kick the site into gear, I received a request over on my own site for the Disseminary/Hatch Show Print style image on a t-shirt. Since I’m a firm advocate of respecting reasonable requests, I’ve uploaded the design to our Cafe Press Disseminary store, and since we don’t have a mechanism in place for the Disseminary as a corporate entity accepting money, I priced it at the Cafe Press cost. Once we get our act together, prices will skyrocket by a dollar or thereabouts, so this is the time to act.

I put the wood-type logo onto a travel mug, a messenger bag, a men’s t-shirt, and a women’s t-shirt. I can slap it onto any other Cafe Press item you want, if those don’t suit you. The Disseminary Shop: source for all your gift-giving!

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