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August 04, 2005

Ch.IX. Q.57. Divine Holiness

THE Holiness of God is His self affirming purity; the attribute which guards the distinction between God and the creature. It is the ground of reverence and adoration.1 It is not to be confused with the aggregate of Divine perfections. The idea of separation is involved; and, in creatures, of consecration. For us to be holy is to be set apart to God.

2. The Holiness of God involves (a) freedom and separation from moral evil; (b) positive moral perfection. God is the source of holiness to His creatures, and can only be seen or approached by the holy.2

3. The RIGHTEOUSNESS of God is His relative Holiness, by virtue of which His treatment of the creature conforms to the purity of His nature. It is legislative Holiness, or the revelation of Divine Holiness in the form of moral requirement.3

4. The TRUTH of God involves that all His manifestations, whether natural or supernatural, should be consistent with Himself and each other. Earlier and more rudimentary indications are not contradicted, but are illuminated, by later and fuller knowledge.4

5. The FAITHFULNESS of God secures the fulfilment of His promises, which are based, not upon what we are or have done, but upon what Christ is and has done. Our sins do not invalidate them so long as we fulfil the conditions of repentance and good works.5

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