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August 04, 2005

Ch.IX. Q.54. Moral Perfection of God

THE Moral Perfection of God signifies (a) the absolute integrity of each and every moral attribute in all Divine action; (b) the infinite degree of each attribute.

2. No Divine attribute may be emphasized at the expense of another. For example, God is infinitely merciful and infinitely just in all His actions. His mercy may be most apparent, in His forgiveness of sinners, and His justice in the reprobation of the obstinate; but we may not suppose that justice is waived or curtailed in the one case, or mercy shortened in the other.1

3. The Divine character is as inscrutable as His essence. It is therefore impossible for us to discover or explain the harmony which lies behind the various, and apparently opposing, manifestations of His moral attributes.2 Humanly devised theodicies, or theories of evil, are at best imperfect and speculative.

1 St. Thos., Summa, I., xxi. 4.

2 Cf. Q. xl.

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