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August 15, 2005

Ch. XVI. Q. 95. Christology

CHRISTOLOGY treats of the Incarnate Word— His taking our nature and the consequences touching His Person which flow from it, His mediatorial office, the mysteries of His earthly humiliation and heavenly exaltation, and His work for mankind on earth and in heaven.1

2. True Christology is rooted in the objective experiences of Christ which the Apostles enjoyed —which are recorded in the Gospels, and are interpreted under guidance of the Holy Spirit in other apostolic writings.

3. These experiences were results of a self-manifestation of the eternal Son of God in the terms of a truly human life. This self-manifestation, in so far as it constitutes "glad-tidings," makes up the "Gospel"; which is not to be confused with doctrines deduced from it, but consists simply of the significant events and experiences, or basic facts, that account for and justify these doctrines.2

4. Thus defined, the Gospel affords the primary and most determinative data of scientific theology. (a) It declares the Word Incarnate, through whom alone we can learn of God—the Light of the world; (b) It presents concrete facts, verifiable by historic methods, and affording to Christian students an experiential basis of the science of God -which can be trusted; (c) Every article of the Christian faith, and all the dogmatic definitions upon which Catholic theology builds, are either directly implied in the Gospel or are deducible from it by spiritually enlightened reason. Inasmuch as it is concerned with the scientific interpretation of the Gospel, Christology is the most central and important part of theology.

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