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July 06, 2005

Ch. I. Q.7. Divisions of Theology

THEOLOGY is conveniently divided into Historical, Systematic, and Exegetical Theology.

2. In Historical Theology we study the development of human knowledge concerning Divine things, whether by means of revelation or human effort; the conflict between truth and error; the origin and historical significance of the dogmatic formularies of the Church; and the general course of Christian thought and action.

3. In Systematic Theology the materials furnished by Historical Theology are arranged in logical order, for fuller and more connected study and for practical application. It is divided into Dogmatic and Practical Theology.

4. In Exegetical Theology, the truths and principles which are taught by the Church and arranged in Systematic Theology, are established and illustrated by a critical analysis and interpretation of the contents of Holy Scripture.

5. Dogmatic Theology is a subdivision of Systematic Theology, and treats of sacred doctrine in all its departments. It is called Dogmatic because its premises are the dogmas of the Catholic Church.

6. Dogmatic Theology is subdivided into (a) Positive Dogmatics, the subject of these Outlines, or the logical exposition of sacred doctrine; (b) Polemics, which is devoted to the refutation of erroneous doctrines and systems; (c) Apologetics, which is concerned with the evidences of Christianity and its defence against the attacks of alien thinkers.

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